Overdue Save Points (Demos)

by Sample the Martian

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I'm not in it for the money - I'm in it for the revolution.

13 tracks available now - 14 (possibly more) more to come - all for the same price.


released May 24, 2019


all rights reserved



Sample the Martian Detroit, Michigan

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Track Name: 2019_02_05 Self Destruct Code mix ver 6
**************Verse 1**************
Science - - overcomes me suddenly
Gravity and workload smother me
Biological craft to color the drudgery
Neurological crash I need a stunning recovery
Structure is puzzling with riddles a plenty
Alien pedigree - Is this Axis of energy Ally or enemy?
Mental apogee as I decode the signal
Transmission such a tricky enigma
Source pinpointed - farthest reaches of deep space
Gotta keep pace before the data mutates
It’s like a life form born in stasis
The answer to the riddle hiding in plain sight
Like white on white - pain on pure fight in dark hours
Dark powers drawn from every dark void
Black holes drinking bottomless
glasses of photon mass
Expanding universe conquering vacuum
Disease eats at starvation
Evidence of birth from the death of what is empty
I’ll translate the message - You explain why it sent me

Who are you? . . .and what will you do
When I destroy . . . the planet that made you?
First I'll show you how good it can be
. . .then laugh in your face when you worship me

**************Verse 2**************
I want to beleive - *[XF Theme]*
Shouldn't we all wanna believe in humans
This alien race wants us in ruins
I'm trying to find a way
So that we can be immune
Fighting back hard with intelligent tunes
How do you start a conversation with another species?
An entity dreaming - projects thoughts and feelings
Ideas translate like speaking in graffiti
They see us as animals - not even barbaric
I tried to plead that some of our art has merrit
On a scale of thousands they rank evolutionary progress
Takes a guess where we're at? - We rated in the teens
They wanna send in machines to harvest us for protein
Because of obscene levels of fear
Fear of other cultures - fear of skin tone
"brutal, selfish and cruel" - inscribed on our tombstone

**************Verse 3**************
Distracted driving ourselves into the ground
Lets get a round of applause for our destructors
Listen to the sounds of extermination so exciting
at this exclusive extinction event
Our own xenophobic medicine tastes like everlasting torment with
Poetic justice for all
The planet's falling has a root cause
no clause loophole or recourse to dispute laws
Our fatal flaws are essentially friendly fire
Tearing down one another when we should inspire
But we feast on the pain like vultures
Ugly sculptures have taken over in place of our reflections
The alien conclusion after deep inspection
Quarantine with self eradication
Calculations for the decay of radiation
In the future - they'll bring their kids here for vacation
Track Name: 2013_10_07 Never Spider, Never (with vocals)
Verse 1
The pool of tears that I’m wading in - keeps on getting deeper
The ties are being cut - on what I thought was a keeper
Kneeling on my stand – crawl – sit - run
Letting out these sour feelings tastes a bit like fun
I shouldn’t get none - I’m stunned and full of empty promise
I’m cold – I’m broken - my innocence is smokin
I keep pokin at the smoldering dead ashes
Like oceans of fear when life boats are rationed
I hope it crashes and floods drown the masses
But I’m the captain never looking for a fight
Ready to ignite to the heat of white light
Night time is full of rain and shade
Who’s got it made? The glade fades into the grays
I should have stayed to see if I got paid
But I’m tired and jaded - ready to give in
If I cash in my chips - is that such a sin?

Gonna die again fading farther from the master plan
Think I’m gonna crash gonna burn coulda ran quick
Shoulda waited longer before I thought to taste it
Intuition’s wrong, intuition’s wasted

Verse 2
The yellow light flashes as my vehicle aproaches
The air gets colder as the evil it encroaches
There’s a house party pumpin and the path is lookin clear
Feelin in my being hiding farthest from fear
The doorknob turns – with no creakin on the hinges
As the lights go dim I find I’ve found the darker of the fringes
Dusted - - surroundings can’t be trusted
Rusted - - the ladder up is busted
Phase shift vision weak in a blurry blanket haze
Web glimmer hypnotist shifting mist to hardened ground
Wrists kissed with poisoned lips now mine can’t make a sound
Burning – comfounded - - death bed in the making
Streaming lies compound the truth my brain it must be faking
Long legs, four pair ready to begin
Next of kin? You’re kidding right? There’s no body in the tin…
Next of kin? You’re kidding right? There’s no body in the tin…

Take a step back and FEEL me burn…

Verse 3
At the bottom of the underworld - no rhythm – no motion
Altogether lost with fermented grain potion
With notion of suicide there’s a light that keeps me flowin
I stumble on through darkness never knowin where I’m goin
Blown motor in my car homeless with no destiny
Expelled, last in my class with a rush of crushed tenacity
A blast from the past cast at terminal velocity
My dad caught a bullet from a hand in my family
My brother lost his life like the hand that he was gambling
Rambling mis-handling trampled by the whack shoes
Track a lack of progress with the money that I’m owin you
This trigger has a safety called this flowin that I’m showin you
Survivin quite clearly on a marginal basis
sewin my oats to see the look on upon their faces
The flames scream hotter every time I feel them burn
But I know I’m getting stronger every time that I return

Written Dec 2001-August 30th 2002 some more on 2012_10_05
Track Name: 2009 L33t C0d3 Writ3rs
Got the l33t code writers easter eggin mackin
Hiding beats inside your games to play when your attackin
Tapin buttons to some bass to maximize your action
Smart bombs smackin when my hackers they be crackin
Hear what I’m trackin and with your biggest guns strappin
Rippin levels into dust with the sounds of my yakin
And on your leader-boards let me know what’s happenin
If I’m not in your clan – its ‘cause I’m too busy rappin
Track Name: 2013_01_24 Blackest Sheep
2013 Jan - Blackest Sheep

Verse 1 (Not fitting in with the real world)
Ever since my first days I was just odd
Played the outcast - like a full-time job
Dungeons and dragons and shoes of velcro
White chile in the 'burbs but born in the ghetto
Style so old it was carbon dated
I listened to the music that everyone hated
'fore hip-hop was make believe
Tape'in songs from the radio back in ‘83
Lego space ships of grand design
Got to find a safe place like inside my mind
Strummin guitar for imagination
NES and comics were my best vacations
Got a little older – and grew my hair long
I hid inside the bottle – I hid inside a bong
Hid inside women – and I hide inside songs
Lotsa dark places – never I belong

Cho 1
I don’t fit in - Can you tell me why?
I don’t fit in - Is it just my poisoned mind?
I don’t fit in - Can you tell me why?
I don’t fit in

Verse 2 (How I deal)
Fast forward a bit to the future that’s present
I found a family in some nerdy conventions
I found a program where my function is called
A solution to a maze that could never be solved
Yeah I don’t fit in but I march to my own tunes
I stick to my guns and always keep it true
I’m quirky as fuck – but I wear that shit proud
If you fit with this – you’re welcome in our crowd
I spit who I am – straight down to the bone
I preside over no one – on a self-made loner throne
pwnin nobody but these beats and these words
If you’re down with this - then give it to the nerds

Cho 2
I don’t fit in - Can you tell me why?
I don’t fit in - Is it just my poisoned mind?
I don’t fit in - Can you tell me why?
I don’t fit in - Is it just my per-spect-ive?
I don’t fit in - Can you tell me why?
I don’t fit in - Is it just the words I use?
I don’t fit in - Socially I don't connect
I don’t fit in - Can you tell me why?
Can you tell me why
Can you tell me why
Track Name: 2001_12_10 Magic Beans (instrumental)
I think this was the second song that I made. Still before I added words to anything.
Track Name: 2000 Waiting for Mail (instrumental)
At the turn of the millennium(ish) I drank a lot. I woke up one Sunday with a hangover and made this. It was originally supposed to be about . . . waiting for a response when you spill your guts. . . via e-mail.

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